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Corizon Standard keeps getting better. It includes an all-new platform stack that focuses on quality and stability, with the following major components:

Component Description
Studio Development tool used to compose composite applications that consume UI services.
Compose Run time used to deliver composite applications to users.
Admin Console Access to the Composer to maintain users and their credentials for single sign-on to the composite application.
Composition Event Viewer Diagnostic tool to review the operation of Composition.
UI Service Extractor Development tool used to enable UI services from existing web applications.
UI Service Builder Plug-in to Eclipse to support the enabling of UI services from developed web applications or from web services.
UI Service Provide Run time used to deliver UI services to the Corizon Studio, Composer and other tools.
UI Service Browse Run time access to the UI Service Provider to explore, review and test UI services.
UI Service Event Viewer Diagnostic tool to review the operation of UI services.


Corizon 2013 Enterprise includes all of the components of Corizon Standard, along with four key advancements that enable greater benefits for large-scale organizations.

64-Bit Architected

Take advantage of true 64-bit support, including huge memory addressability, better parallel processing, improved scalability and a significantly lower cost of ownership.

HTML5 Support

All of Corizon’s web components, from the admin console to the event viewer, UI service browser and more, have been officially validated as compatible with HTML5 Standardization. This enables rollout of customer applications to multiple clients, including smart phones and tablets.

UI Enhancements

Prepare yourself for all new user interfaces throughout Corizon Enterprise. There are no longer separate design time and runtime workspaces, an external browser is now the default, and menus, icons, toolbars, and more have been refreshed.

Extended Platform Support

Corizon 2013 Enterprise is now certified on more platforms than ever. See the chart below for details.

Corizon 2013 Standard and Enterprise are now certified on the following platforms:

2013 Standard 2013 Enterprise
Operating System Windows Server 2008 R2
Linux (RHEL 5.6)
Windows Server 2008 R2
Linux (RHEL 5.6)
Java JDK 1.6 JDK 1.6
Web/Application Server JBoss 7.1
Tomcat 6.0
JBoss 7.1
Tomcat 6.0
Weblogic 11g
Database MYSQL 5.5
MS SQL Server 2008
MS SQL Server 2008
Oracle 11g