The Best Enterprise Mashup Platform for Contact Center Performance

  • Real Business Benefits

    Transform business economics by impacting key metrics – reduced cost per transaction, higher sales per agent and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Unified Desktop

    No more toggling between multiple applications.

  • Seamless Integration

    No more asking for the same customer information multiple times.

Made for Mashups

Corizon allows you to combine data, content and services from a wide range of diverse and disparate applications to offer a simplified and unified view of customer information to contact center agents.

  • Extend Service Oriented Architecture to User Interface Development - Leverage Corizon’s unique UI services to create composite applications without needing to understand underlying technical complexity.

  • Combine visual “building blocks” provided by Corizon’s UI Service Provider – then use Corizon's Composer to access and combine UI services, delivering a composite user interface.

  • Enable efficient upstream publishing with no more lost information between customer sessions and easier legacy system updates.

Business-Driven User Interface Innovation

Purpose-built for UI challenges, Corizon enables business users to quickly define and implement.

  • Corizon’s focus on reusable visual mashable components leads to rapid prototyping, development and deployment.

  • Innovate the user interface with the power of Web 2.0 and seamless integration of multiple applications.

Proven Contact Center Integration

Corizon brings together thick, thin and legacy source applications, providing the benefits of true integration without the cost of replacing or rebuilding your original systems in complex environments.

  • As the only mashup solution built specifically with contact centers in mind, Corizon seamlessly integrates with unified communication services such as Avaya Telephony.

  • Built as an open source platform, Corizon also allows for easy integration with Oracle e-Business Suite, Siebel, thick clients, and more.

  • Created with agility, flexibility and scalability in mind, Corizon has proven its effectiveness with even the most complex technical call centers around.