Corizon improves contact center efficiency for thousands of users every day.

Corizon has been making contact center operations more efficient since 1999. Corizon is a privately held, independent company that has been operating as an affiliate of the Versata family of companies since 2010. The company was founded in the United Kingdom, and is now headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Corizon’s award-winning technology has been deployed in large, demanding production environments with a focus on telecommunications, financial services, utilities and government organizations. The company allows businesses to define, implement and monitor user activities across application boundaries. The result is that enterprise users can access multiple applications from one simple interface by combining existing user interface components. The company's lead corporate objective is 100% customer success, a goal toward which it works to obsessively deliver every day.

Versata works with affiliate companies to help them extend and evolve their products in ways that make their customers more successful. A number of the Versata family companies operate in the enterprise application development space, including companies with complementary solutions to those offered by Corizon. The Versata family grows each year through new affiliations formed with additional best-of-breed solution providers. As part of its agreement with Versata, Corizon customers have preferred access to learn about and license all Versata solutions.